Dietary supplement

In times of industrial preparation of our meals, pesticide contamination of the raw materials and stress at work and everyday life, we should support our body in making vitamins, minerals and trace elements available to cells. A regular intake of MikroVeda Effective Microorganisms can help to establish and maintain the bacterial balance in the body and especially in the intestine - building and maintaining your microbiome. A healthy intestine contributes to a healthy immune system.

We carry various nutritional supplements, which are composed and coordinated differently. They differ in terms of fermentation technology, duration, bacterial strains and microbial weighting in the community depending on the area of ??application. The vegan ferment-active and probiotic bacteria in the MikroVeda Effective microorganisms and their natural products are used for active fitness prevention and support the natural cleansing and regeneration of the intestinal flora in a very natural way.

The areas of application concern both the outer and the inner microbiome and can help to strengthen them. Trust our experience over decades and rely on transparency and quality. Because with us you know what's in it: at least 33 effective microorganism stems in our nutritional supplements