Good bacteria for animals

Product creation with experts
We produce our supplementary feed from the ProbiotiX series with the advice of the practical veterinarian Dr. vet. med. Heiko Delorme, Münster and Hamburg. Dr. Delorme has qualified and specialized in the fields of microbiological therapy, naturopathic treatment and homeopathy and has been very successful here for decades. Follow his exciting blog posts, which he publishes on his website at irregular intervals. In it he deals with the enormous importance and welfare effects of microorganisms.

Interesting facts about microbiology
Still other special preparations can be used very specifically in agricultural and private animal care. The communal microorganisms from MikroVeda displace problematic germs and create a natural environment. For example, farmers and horse lovers, dog and cat lovers, rabbit breeders and bird keepers spray MikroVeda effective microorganisms into their stables, runs, animal toilets and sleeping areas, cages, perches etc., even on the animals themselves. Bad smells are greatly reduced or disappear entirely, flies and other annoyances are deprived of the livelihood. The animals thank their keepers with a shiny coat, plumage, more stable claws, hooves and paws as well as with striking vitality and zest for life. Learn more about the application of the MikroVeda Effective Microorganisms at