Secrets of Fertile Soils

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Erhard Henning was an agronomist who devoted himself to agriculture from an early age. He worked extensively as a farmer, agricultural consultant, journalist, author and lecturer and worked and taught at Humboldt University in Berlin. Henning died in 1998.

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The Secrets of Fertile Soils 
Humus as the Guardian of the Fundamentals of  Natural Life
By Erhard Hennig. Introduction by Kurt Walter Lau, publisher
ISBN 978-1-60173-128-9

This stimulating book provides a highly practical window into the complex, interdependent relationships between soil, plants, animals and human beings, including special insight into the fascinating life cycle of healthy soils and the imminent dangers we face should their existence become threatened.

Our arable land has been exhausted by overuse. Poor agricultural practices are draining our soils of nutrients and microorganisms. Depletion of humus is already described as extreme in some areas. Theses factors, in addition to the insidious pollution of soil and groundwater, are having a demonstrably adverse effect on human health.

On this subject, author Erhard Henning offers his advice: Always maintain the fertility of the soil. To that end,  we must refer to the knowledge earned by our ancestors and restore their cultivation techniques to modern-day agriculture. Hennig adresses all components of the soil - microorganisms, microbes, soil, nutrients, and minerals - and explores natural fertilization techniques using compost and rock dust along with their roles in humus formation.

Hennig emphasizes that the condition of the soil is directly linked to the mental and physical well-being of the human race as well as animals. Fertilization supplies energy. Hennig discusses the basics of soil science for professionals but in a manner easily understandable for those outside the fields of gardening and agriculture.

Translated from its original German, Secrets of Fertile Soils is a valuable contribution to the ongoing dialogue about soil health and fertility.


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